Working closely as your partner, LNG is always dedicated to provide high quality products and services to make all of our customers’ operations run effectively and also efficiently.

We provide various maintenance services for fuel installation facilities which includes Predictive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Integrated-Proactive Maintenance. In addition, we also provide construction services in building fuel installations that suit your needs.

On the field implementation, LNG is supported by highly skilled and experienced experts which can provide the right services with satisfactory results.


To be a reliable fuel-installation service company, the one that can provide high level of satisfaction and added value for all of our customers.

To achieve this mission, LNG is committed in doing the followings:

1. Providing high quality products and services on an ongoing basis in order to maintain customers satisfaction.

2. Continuously innovate in order to improve the quality of the services we offer to our customers.


With the passion of growing together, LNG is always striving to be the right partner for your company. We always try to help our customers, to enable them to operate effectively and efficiently. We take the initiative in discovering the various steps of technical and operational improvement for your satisfaction.


We provide various maintenance services and supporting products for all kinds of fuel-installation-facilities across the nation.
LNG offers safe, efficient and high-quality maintenance services for your fuel-installation-facilities which are certainly required to carry out safe fuel distribution processes that comply to the official operation standards of each countries. In addition, we always actively making improvements to provide quality and satisfactory.
Our ongoing innovation can be seen from the wide range of products and services we provide for all of our customers.


We provide a wide range of facility maintenance services for your fuel installations ranging from fuel reception, storage to distribution.

With sufficient experience and supported with standards-compliant equipment, our team can certainly provide high quality and secure guaranteed services.


We also provide a wide range of consulting and constructions of fuel installation facilities which also includes building the fuel reception, storage and distribution facilities in accordance with the needs of your company.

With the support of an experienced team, your construction needs of an effective and efficient installation facility will surely be realized.


Jakarta - Indonesia
Email : marketing@lajuniaga.co.id